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Nematou J.
Submitted 01/16/21
This is one of the most racist, uncaring and cold doctors I have ever experienced. I first went to see Dr. Modi for a really bad yeast infection that I was experiencing for almost a month by the time I went to see her. I was recently taking prednisone for a stomach condition and was warned by my GI doctor that prednisone lowers your immune system so I was under the impression that the medication was the cause of the really bad yeast infection. By the time I went to see Dr. Modi, I had already bought over the counter Monistat and went to an urgent care facility where they prescribed me Diflucan all of which to no avail was able to clear the infection. My vagina area was extremely itchy, sore and producing huge amounts of yeast by the time of my first appointment with her and I had been miserable for almost a month. I explained all of this in detail to not only her but her office assistant who saw me and took notes for her before she did. Initially she came across very nice and sympathetic to my situation but that unfortunately was the extent of her care. She did not swab me or take any bloodwork to conduct any tests but instead prescribed me a 4 week dosage of Diflucan which I had already taken and did not help with improving my symptoms. Despite feeling unsatisfied with the visit I relied on her expertise as an OB/GYN to know what she is doing and proceeded to continue taking the Diflucan. After two weeks of taking the Diflucan my symptoms did not improve and instead got worse. I went in to see her for a squeeze in emergency visit hoping this time further effort will be taken to investigate my condition. Despite me explaining in detail how unsuccessful the Diflucan treatment has been and how much discomfort and misery I have been in, Dr. Modi proceeded again to prescribe me more Diflucan. She did not swab me or conduct any tests or bloodwork. Instead she just proceeded with a general observation of my vagina area with gloves. After noticing an ingrown bump in that area she proceeded to tell me I have HERPES and prescribe me herpes medication. I was completely taken aback! Not only did this women refuse to run any tests on me even after I asked her too but she proceeded to write me a prescription for HERPES and told me that if I don’t have it then the medication shouldn’t do anything to me. Can you imagine a doctor diagnosing you with such a serious condition while refusing to run any tests confirming that condition all the while prescribing you medication for it??? I was completely shocked and confused but unfortunately at the time the discomfort and pain I was in led me to continue to follow her guidance assuming that again as a medical doctor she must know what she is talking about. She also proceeded to sell me CBD oil for $130 that she said would help with improving my immune system. I left out of my second visit with her with another prescription for Diflucan, a prescription for Herpes and a bottle of CDB oil while still in extreme discomfort and with no progress being made on getting to the bottom of my situation. It wasn’t until I got home and began doing research on the herpes medication she prescribed me that I finally began to get very upset. The medication Zovirax had a lot side effects some as extreme as hair loss, muscle pain and a feeling of pins and needles on your skin. I couldn’t believe that a medical doctor could prescribe me something with so many extreme side effects without even attempting to test me for that condition. I called her office and demanded another appointment with her the next day. At the appointment I spoke to her earnestly about my dissatisfaction with her service and care up until this point. I emphasized that it was now my 3rd time seeing her and 2nd time paying co-pay on top of filling expensive prescriptions and have YET TO HAVE GOTTEN ANY BLOODWORK AND TESTING DONE FOR MY CONDITION. It was at this point her nice act completely dissolved. She got very angry with me and told me “Do you think you’re an OB/GYN” in which I responded “no but as a patient I know my body the best and have explained in detail to you my situation to no avail”. She stormed out of the patient room and began yelling and screaming at her office staff (all black women by the way) about how they were sabotaging her by bringing her in to see an “angry patient”. Mind you up to this point I never rose off the bed or raised my voice at her, cussed or or spoke disrespectfully to her. She then had two of her staff members come into the room to be “witnesses” as we proceeded with the visit. As I was explaining my situation to them she once again left the room and did not return. I finished explaining everything to the two office staff members and they went to talk to her and she finally agreed to swab me and give me paperwork to go get bloodwork done. Despite my current feelings I agreed to continue letting her treat me because at the moment I felt like my condition was just to extreme to take the time needed to find another OB/GYN and make an appointment for my condition. At this point it was almost 2 months of me having a nasty reoccurring yeast infection. I eventually spoke to my GI doctor who told me to buy a certain type of probiotic that extremely helped to improve the infection. By the next appointment I had with her all my results were in and showed that I came up negative for EVERYTHING expect yeast. Meaning I was not experiencing any other STD, BV or even a herpes infection. I am just thankful I did not take that herpes medication because who knows what additional problems that could’ve brought at the time. After sharing my lab work Dr. Modi said she’s unsure how to proceed and that I should go see my general physician. My condition is currently almost fully gone thanks I believe to the combination of the Dilfucan and strong probiotic my GI doctor prescribed me. I am currently in the process of finding a new OB/GYN and booking an appointment to see my physician but I believe it is important to share this testimony with other women because I truly believe that this doctor is too incompetent to even be practicing medicine. This was one of the worse experiences of my life and she heavily negatively attributed to it. I am also not someone that brings up the race card lightly but witnessing the way she treated and disrespected not only me but her black staff workers leads me to believe that she at least as an inferiority problem towards black women and I definitely felt looked down upon and ignored while sharing my very real and painful symptoms to her. I was very shocked to see so many great reviews about her care from expecting mothers but once again each time I went to see her for an appointment it was nothing but white and Indian women in the waiting room with me so I’m sure that heavily attributed to the type of care they received.
Chandrawattie J.
Submitted 12/16/20
Dr. Modi is very nice and so is her staff.
Jessyka H.
Submitted 03/28/20
Omg where to start, I started going to Dr.Modi’s office in July 2019 and it feels like she’s been my doctor all my life. Everyone in the office that I have encountered has welcomed me with open arms, answered any questions I had. Melissa is awesome every visit or phone call I made she was there to help she helped me to worry less she gave me words of encouragement when I was down. Dr.Modi and Melissa both stayed on top of me making sure I was on the right track, making sure I took my prenatal medicine and was drinking plenty of water, also made sure I was in a good emotional and mental state of mind. Dr.Modi delivered my handsome baby boy 2 weeks ago I don’t have the words to thank her for all she has done, I was originally schedule for a c-section I was scared out of my mind crying, shaking and could not sleep the night before as always she ensured that I will be fine and to stop stressing. Once I got to the hospital at 7am for preparation Dr.Modi had the nurse draw blood when the results came back she decided that she will let me have a vaginal birth I was relieved but still nervous as I was getting ready to have my first child, after seeing how far I was dilated she said it was not time for my baby to come yet and I had to wait it out. My contractions was strong but not close together and I was only 3 centimeters after 12 hours of contractions and body weakness I gave in and got an epidural the pain started to get worse I could no longer take it, maybe a hour after getting the epidural Dr.Modi checked me again at that moment I was 7 centimeters not long after that my contractions was coming close together I did not get to experience my water breaking on it’s own however not long after I had got induce it was show time I got nervous/scared/worried after the first push and felt like I couldn’t do it but Dr.Modi made me comfortable, after four pushes my baby boy was here. After delivery my blood pressure drop and I became dehydrated while my nurse was helping me clean myself up I got dizzy and was feeling light headed the nurse thought I was having a seizure she suggested I see a cardiologist and neurologist once Dr.Modi was notified she came in my room to check on me she said I need to drink more fluids and get some rest As long as Dr.Modi is in practice I will be one of her patients